Great success in 5th GAA conference

Being the chosen one among several great partners and competitors is a dream that really came true to JCL Oriental Logistics Ltd., this will stay in our mind forever. We wish that all friends from this lovely Network can enjoy such moment one day.

There is no words to describe such great time and award, especially when you don’t push others to be the chosen one, it is always better when things just happen naturally, based on daily recognition due our passion in doing Freight Forwarding, in helping clients and even competitors, without being afraid of losing space. Because good things always come back when you just do the right things without hidden expectations.

We would like to THANK everyone who voted for us, no matter if due to the shipments we handle together or even just for friendship; also to those companies that were voted but unfortunately didn’t win, we’re pretty sure everyone deserves to win as well; and a special BIG THANKS to GAA Team who does a super great job in putting all this amazing Freight Forwarders under the same Network, “which is young and dynamic enough to give personalised service and yet big enough to serve the most complex of the routing” (as well said by our big brother Mr. Kedar Karnik, CEO, Soma Universal Logistics Pvt Ltd on his testimonial).

We could keep writing forever to describe such moment but wouldn’t be enough and we would make everyone bored ! So we just hope to see EVERYONE in the next Conference and share again such great moments.


JCL Oriental Logistics Group


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